WireX server appliance software, which makes systems less vulnerable to corruption and hacker attacks, debuts at Linuxworld Conference & Expo PORTLAND, OR - August 9, 2000- WireX, a developer of software for 'purpose-specific' servers, commonly known as server appliances, today announced . . .
WireX server appliance software, which makes systems less vulnerable to corruption and hacker attacks, debuts at Linuxworld Conference & Expo PORTLAND, OR - August 9, 2000- WireX, a developer of software for 'purpose-specific' servers, commonly known as server appliances, today announced the availability of its latest configuration: Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance. This easy-to-administer, inexpensive, "all-in-one" workgroup server appliance integrates web, email, file and print server functionality, as well its ability to protect servers from future and unknown hacker attacks. The Immunix Workgroup Server is the ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses that want to reduce total cost of ownership.

Traditional general-purpose servers are complex, require highly skilled IT administration and are expensive to maintain. The Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance includes web-based remote network administration, which increases productivity by providing an intuitive, menu-driven interface that scales to technical and non-technical server administrators. "Small business owners have begun to rely more heavily on their networks to support the mission-critical functions of their business. They are looking for server products that provide increased levels of reliability and security at an affordable price. And, server appliances are attracting a new group of customers who have limited IT knowledge", said Joonees K. Chay, CEO.

The Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance features:

  • Operating System Independent: Remote network user interface
  • Easy to Use: OS platform expertise is not required
  • Scalable User Interface: From basic to advanced network users
  • Built-in Localization Engine: Ready for text translation in any language
  • More Secure and Reliable: When compared to conventional Linux servers
  • Runs on most off-the-shelf PC hardware
  • Significantly less expensive to own and operate
The Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance is based on Immunix OS, a value-added standard Linux distribution, which includes "immunized" integrated server components developed by WireX. There are several types of host-survivability technologies that are included in every WireX server appliance that makes the system less vulnerable to corruption and hacker attacks:
  • SubDomain acts like a bank's vault alarm system that locks down upon intrusion. Acting like a virtual firewall inside the server, SubDomain-confined programs are effectively quarantined to protect the rest of the system from damage.
  • StackGuard protects vulnerable programs against the most common form of hacker attacks, "stack smashing" buffer overflow attacks.
  • CryptoMark prevents the installation of improper or malicious programs that hackers use to gain access.
Combined, these technologies produce a highly secure server that does not need constant patching and is completely compatible with other servers and clients. The end result is a system that is easier to administer, less expensive to operate, and is host-survivable without performance penalty.

"Immunix provides one of the most secure server platform solutions today without compromising functional features required to operate a network administration," says Dr. Crispin Cowan, Chief Scientist at WireX. "Combine that with the ease of use of our RNAEngine administration tools and low cost of ownership, and you have a dedicated workgroup server perfect for the IT needs of a small business or a Fortune 500 corporate department."

WireX will be demonstrating the Immunix Workgroup Server Appliance at Linuxworld Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, August 15th -17th at Booth #3044. A Press Conference is scheduled for August 17th at 11:00 AM in Room K at the San Jose Convention Center.

Price and Availability

The Immunix Workgroup Server software is now available to WireX's OEM partners and Solution Providers through WireX's website and is priced at less than $200.00 per unit. Strategic cooperative marketing partnership programs are also available. WireX partners with hardware manufacturers and solution providers to offer an integrated hardware and software server solution. Online demonstrations, technical specifications, and other details can be found at WireX's website: www.wirex.com.

About WireX

WireX Communications, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon based software developer of purpose-specific server appliances, featuring an easy-to-use, scalable, web-based administration interface. WireX's products enable partners to build "immunized" (host-survivable) Linux server appliances quickly, dependably and economically. WireX focuses on software-only solutions allowing a much broader range of solutions when compared to hardware-based server appliance developers. The company (www.wirex.com) is located in the heart of the Silicon Forest at 920 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204 and may be reached at 503.222.9660 or email at [email protected]

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