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Debian: DSA-5316-1: netty security update


Several out-of-memory, stack overflow or HTTP request smuggling vulnerabilities have been discovered in Netty, a Java NIO client/server socket framework, which may allow attackers to cause a denial of service or bypass restrictions when used as a proxy.

Debian: DSA-5315-1: libxstream-java security update


XStream serializes Java objects to XML and back again. Versions prior to 1.4.15-3+deb11u2 may allow a remote attacker to terminate the application with a stack overflow error, resulting in a denial of service only via manipulation of the processed input stream. The attack uses the hash code implementation for

Debian: DSA-5313-1: hsqldb security update


It was found that those using java.sql.Statement or java.sql.PreparedStatement in hsqldb, a Java SQL database, to process untrusted input may be vulnerable to a remote code execution attack. By default it is allowed to call any static method of any Java class in the classpath resulting in code execution. The

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