Debian LTS: DLA-1872-1: python-django security update

    Date06 Aug 2019
    CategoryDebian LTS
    Posted ByLinuxSecurity Advisories
    It was discovered that there were two vulnerabilities in the Django web development framework: * CVE-2019-14232: Prevent a possible denial-of-service in
    Package        : python-django
    Version        : 1.7.11-1+deb8u7
    CVE IDs        : CVE-2019-14232 CVE-2019-14233
    Debian Bug     : #934026
    It was discovered that there were two vulnerabilities in the
    Django web development framework:
      * CVE-2019-14232: Prevent a possible denial-of-service in
        If django.utils.text.Truncator's chars() and words() methods were
        passed the html=True argument, they were extremely slow to
        evaluate certain inputs due to a catastrophic backtracking
        vulnerability in a regular expression.  The chars() and words()
        methods are used to implement the truncatechars_html and
        truncatewords_html template filters, which were thus vulnerable.
        The regular expressions used by Truncator have been simplified in
        order to avoid potential backtracking issues. As a consequence,
        trailing punctuation may now at times be included in the
        truncated output.
      * CVE-2019-14233: Prevent a possible denial-of-service in strip_tags().
        Due to the behavior of the underlying HTMLParser,
        django.utils.html.strip_tags() would be extremely slow to
        evaluate certain inputs containing large sequences of nested
        incomplete HTML entities. The strip_tags() method is used to
        implement the corresponding striptags template filter, which was
        thus also vulnerable.
        strip_tags() now avoids recursive calls to HTMLParser when
        progress removing tags, but necessarily incomplete HTML entities,
        stops being made.
        Remember that absolutely NO guarantee is provided about the
        results of strip_tags() being HTML safe. So NEVER mark safe the
        result of a strip_tags() call without escaping it first, for
        example with django.utils.html.escape().
    For Debian 8 "Jessie", these has been fixed in python-django version
    We recommend that you upgrade your python-django packages. You can
    find more information in upstream's announcement:
    Thanks to Carlton Gibson et al. for their handling of these issues.
    - -- 
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