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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2020-0338: freerdp security update


Integer overflow due to missing input sanitation in rdpegfx channel. The input rectangles from the server are not checked against local surface coordinates and blindly accepted. A malicious server can send data that will crash the client later on (invalid length arguments to a memcpy) (CVE-2020-15103).

Mageia 2020-0337: jasper security update


The jas_matrix_bindsub function in jas_seq.c in JasPer 2.0.10 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (invalid read) via a crafted image (CVE-2017-6851). Heap-based buffer overflow in the jpc_dec_decodepkt function in jpc_t2dec.c in

Mageia 2020-0336: python-rstlib security update


Open-iSCSI rtslib-fb through 2.1.72 has weak permissions for /etc/target/saveconfig.json because shutil.copyfile (instead of shutil.copy) is used and thus permissions are not preserved upon editing. An adversary with prior access to /etc/target/saveconfig.json could access a later version, resulting in a loss of integrity depending on their permission settings

Mageia 2020-0335: x11-server security update


Allocation for pixmap data in AllocatePixmap() does not initialize the memory in xserver, it leads to leak uninitialize heap memory to clients. When the X server runs with elevated privileges. This flaw can lead to ASLR bypass, which when combined with other flaws (known/unknown) could lead to lead to privilege elevation in the client (CVE-2020-14347).

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