Mageia Linux Distribution - Page 115

Mageia 2021-0316: gnome-shell security update


An issue was discovered in certain configurations of GNOME gnome-shell through 3.36.4. When logging out of an account, the password box from the login dialog reappears with the password still visible. If the user had decided to have the password shown in cleartext at login time, it is then visible for a brief moment upon a logout. (If the password were never shown in cleartext, only the

Mageia 2021-0315: grub2 security update


All CVEs below are against the SecureBoot functionality in GRUB2. We do not ship this as part of Mageia. Therefore, we ship an updated grub2 package to 2.06 for Mageia 8 fixing upstream bugfixes. A flaw was found in grub2, prior to version 2.06. An attacker may use the

Mageia 2021-0313: live security update


Updated live packages fix security vulnerabilities: Live555 before 2019.08.16 has a Use-After-Free because GenericMediaServer::createNewClientSessionWithId can generate the same client session ID in succession, which is mishandled by the MPEG1or2 and Matroska

Mageia 2021-0310: busybox security update


Updated busybox packages fix security vulnerability: decompress_gunzip.c in BusyBox through 1.32.1 mishandles the error bit on the huft_build result pointer, with a resultant invalid free or segmentation fault, via malformed gzip data (CVE-2021-28831).