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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2020-0325: golang security update


Servers where the Handler concurrently reads the request body and writes a response can encounter a data race and crash. The httputil.ReverseProxy Handler is affected (CVE-2020-15586). Certain invalid inputs to ReadUvarint or ReadVarint could cause those functions

Mageia 2020-0322: clamav security update


A vulnerability in the endpoint software of Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Clam AntiVirus could allow an authenticated, local attacker to cause the running software to delete arbitrary files on the system. The vulnerability is due to a race condition that could occur when scanning malicious files. An attacker with local shell access could exploit this vulnerability by executing a script that

Mageia 2020-0318: firefox security update


WebRTC used the memory address of a class instance as a connection identifier. Unfortunately, this value is often transmitted to the peer, which allows bypassing ASLR (CVE-2020-6514). Crafted media files could lead to a race in texture caches, resulting in a

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