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Mageia 2022-0369: lighttpd security update


In lighttpd 1.4.65, mod_wstunnel does not initialize a handler function pointer if an invalid HTTP request (websocket handshake) is received. It leads to null pointer dereference which crashes the server. It could be used by an external attacker to cause denial of service condition. (CVE-2022-37797)

Mageia 2022-0367: python security update


The mailcap module does not add escape characters into commands discovered in the system mailcap file. (CVE-2015-20107) Allows an attacker to set up a malicious FTP server that can trick FTP clients into connecting back to a given IP address and port. (CVE-2021-4189)

Mageia 2022-0366: colord security update


There are two Information Disclosure vulnerabilities in colord, and they lie in colord/src/cd-device-db.c and colord/src/cd-profile-db.c separately. They exist because the 'err_msg' of 'sqlite3_exec' is not releasing after use, while libxml2 emphasizes that the caller needs to release it. (CVE-2021-42523)

Mageia 2022-0365: dbus security update


A syntactically invalid type signature with incorrectly nested parentheses and curly brackets would cause an assertion failure in debug builds. Similar messages could potentially result in a crash or incorrect message processing in a production build, although we are not aware of a practical example. (CVE-2022-42010)

Mageia 2022-0364: kitty security update


In Kitty before 0.26.2, insufficient validation in the desktop notification escape sequence can lead to arbitrary code execution. The user must display attacker-controlled content in the terminal, then click on a notification popup. (CVE-2022-41322)

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