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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2022-0129: openjpeg2 security update


A flaw was found in the opj2_decompress program in openjpeg2 2.4.0 in the way it handles an input directory with a large number of files. When it fails to allocate a buffer to store the filenames of the input directory, it calls free() on an uninitialized pointer, leading to a segmentation fault and a denial of service. (CVE-2022-1122)

Mageia 2022-0125: wavpack security update


An out of bounds read was found in Wavpack 5.4.0 in processing *.WAV files. This issue triggered in function WavpackPackSamples of file src/pack_utils.c, tainted variable cnt is too large, that makes pointer sptr read beyond heap bound. (CVE-2021-44269)

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