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Mageia Linux Distribution - Page 19

Mageia 2022-0437: freerdp security update


FreeRDP based clients on unix systems using `/parallel` command line switch might read uninitialized data and send it to the server the client is currently connected to. (CVE-2022-39282) All FreeRDP based clients when using the `/video` command line switch

Mageia 2022-0436: dropbear security update


Updated dropbear package fixes a security vulnerability in dbclient:. Due to a non-RFC-compliant check of the available authentication methods in the client-side SSH code, it is possible for an SSH server to change the login process in its favor. This attack can bypass additional security measures such as FIDO2 tokens or SSH-Askpass. Thus, it allows an attacker

Mageia 2022-0435: java security update


Class compilation issue. (CVE-2022-21540) Improper restriction of MethodHandle.invokeBasic(). (CVE-2022-21541) Integer truncation issue in Xalan-J. (CVE-2022-34169) Improper MultiByte conversion can lead to buffer overflow. (CVE-2022-21618) Improper handling of long NTLM client hostnames. (CVE-2022-21619)

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