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Mageia 2022-0434: varnish security update


An HTTP Request Forgery issue was discovered in Varnish Cache 5.x and 6.x before 6.0.11, 7.x before 7.1.2, and 7.2.x before 7.2.1. An attacker may introduce characters through HTTP/2 pseudo-headers that are invalid in the context of an HTTP/1 request line, causing the Varnish server to produce invalid HTTP/1 requests to the backend. This could, in turn, be used to

Mageia 2022-0433: sysstat security update


On 32 bit systems, in versions 9.1.16 and newer but prior to 12.7.1, allocate_structures contains a size_t overflow in sa_common.c. The allocate_structures function insufficiently checks bounds before arithmetic multiplication, allowing for an overflow in the size allocated for the buffer representing system activities. This issue may lead to

Mageia 2022-0429: systemd security update


buffer overrun in format_timespan() function (bsc#1204968) (CVE-2022-3821) Import commit 0cd50eedcc0692c1f907b24424215f8db7d3b428 0469b9f2bc pstore: do not try to load all known pstore modules ad05f54439 pstore: Run after modules are loaded ccad817445 core: Add trigger limit for path units

Mageia 2022-0426: sudo security update


Sudo 1.8.0 through 1.9.12, with the crypt() password backend, contains a plugins/sudoers/auth/passwd.c array-out-of-bounds error that can result in a heap-based buffer over-read. This can be triggered by arbitrary local users with access to Sudo by entering a password of seven characters or fewer. The impact could vary depending on the system libraries, compiler,

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