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Mageia Linux Distribution - Page 9

Mageia 2023-0015: net-snmp security update


handle_ipDefaultTTL in agent/mibgroup/ip-mib/ip_scalars.c in Net-SNMP 5.8 through 5.9.3 has a NULL Pointer Exception bug that can be used by a remote attacker (who has write access) to cause the instance to crash via a crafted UDP packet, resulting in Denial of Service. (CVE-2022-44792)

Mageia 2023-0010: samba security update


There is a limited write heap buffer overflow in the GSSAPI unwrap_des() and unwrap_des3() routines of Heimdal (included in Samba). Some SMB1 write requests were not correctly range checked to ensure the client had sent enough data to fulfill the write, allowing server memory contents to be written into the file (or printer) instead of client supplied data. The

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