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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2021-0186: curl security update


libcurl does not strip off user credentials from the URL when automatically populating the Referer: HTTP request header field in outgoing HTTP requests, and therefore risks leaking sensitive data to the server that is the target of the second HTTP request. (CVE-2021-22876)

Mageia 2021-0184: pdfbox security update


A carefully crafted PDF file can trigger an infinite loop while loading the file. This issue affects Apache PDFBox Apache PDFBox version 2.0.22 and prior 2.0.x versions (CVE-2021-27807). A carefully crafted PDF file can trigger an OutOfMemory-Exception while

Mageia 2021-0183: velocity security update


An attacker that is able to modify Velocity templates may execute arbitrary Java code or run arbitrary system commands with the same privileges as the account running the Servlet container. This applies to applications that allow untrusted users to upload/modify velocity templates running Apache Velocity Engine versions up to 2.2 (CVE-2020-13936).

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