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Mageia Linux Distribution

Mageia 2021-0162: glib2.0 security update


An issue was discovered in GNOME GLib before 2.66.8. When g_file_replace() is used with G_FILE_CREATE_REPLACE_DESTINATION to replace a path that is a dangling symlink, it incorrectly also creates the target of the symlink as an empty file, which could conceivably have security relevance if the symlink is attacker-controlled. (If the path is a symlink to a file that

Mageia 2021-0160: radare2 security update


radare2 4.5.0 misparses DWARF information in executable files, causing a segmentation fault in parse_typedef in type_dwarf.c via a malformed DW_AT_name in the .debug_info section (CVE-2020-16269). radare2 4.5.0 misparses signature information in PE files, causing a

Mageia 2021-0151: kernel security update


This kernel update is based on upstream 5.10.25 and fixes atleast the following security issues: Unprivileged BPF programs running on affected systems can bypass the protection and execute speculatively out-of-bounds loads from any location

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