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Mageia 2023-0175: apache-mod_security security update


HTTP multipart requests were incorrectly parsed and could bypass the Web Application Firewall (CVE-2022-48279) Incorrect handling of '\0' bytes in file uploads in ModSecurity may allow for Web Application Firewall bypasses and buffer over-reads on the Web Application Firewall when executing rules that read the FILES_TMP_CONTENT

Mageia 2023-0172: thunderbird security update


Browser prompts could have been obscured by popups. (CVE-2023-32205) Crash in RLBox Expat driver. (CVE-2023-32206) Potential permissions request bypass via clickjacking. (CVE-2023-32207) Content process crash due to invalid wasm code. (CVE-2023-32211) Potential spoof due to obscured address bar. (CVE-2023-32212)

Mageia 2023-0169: golang security update


Angle brackets () were not considered dangerous characters when inserted into CSS contexts. Templates containing multiple actions separated by a '/' character could result in unexpectedly closing the CSS context and allowing for injection of unexpected HMTL, if executed with untrusted input. (CVE-2023-24539)

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