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Mageia Linux Distribution - Page 111

Mageia 2021-0126: ceph security update


A flaw was found in Ceph where Ceph stores mgr module passwords in clear text. This issue can be found by searching the mgr logs for Grafana and dashboard with passwords visible. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to confidentiality (CVE-2020-25678).

Mageia 2021-0123: glib2.0 security update


* Fix various instances within GLib where `g_memdup()` was vulnerable to a silent integer truncation and heap overflow problem (discovered by Kevin Backhouse, work by Philip Withnall) (#2319) * Fix some issues with handling over-long (invalid) input when parsing for

Mageia 2021-0121: postgresql security update


A user having an UPDATE privilege on a partitioned table but lacking the SELECT privilege on some column may be able to acquire denied-column values from an error message (CVE-2021-3393). A user having a SELECT privilege on an individual column can craft a special

Mageia 2021-0119: python-yaml security update


A vulnerability was discovered in the PyYAML library, where it is susceptible to arbitrary code execution when it processes untrusted YAML files through the full_load method or with the FullLoader loader. Applications that use the library to process untrusted input may be vulnerable to this flaw. This flaw allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system by abusing the

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