openSUSE: 2020:0409-1: moderate: python-mysql-connector-python

    Date 29 Mar 2020
    Posted By LinuxSecurity Advisories
    An update that fixes one vulnerability is now available.
       openSUSE Security Update: Security update for python-mysql-connector-python
    Announcement ID:    openSUSE-SU-2020:0409-1
    Rating:             moderate
    References:         #1122204 
    Cross-References:   CVE-2019-2435
    Affected Products:
                        openSUSE Leap 15.1
       An update that fixes one vulnerability is now available.
       This update for python-mysql-connector-python fixes the following issues:
       python-mysql-connector-python was updated to 8.0.19 (boo#1122204 -
       - WL#13531: Remove xplugin namespace
       - WL#13372: DNS SRV support
       - WL#12738: Specify TLS ciphers to be used by a client or session
       - BUG#30270760: Fix reserved filed should have a length of 22
       - BUG#29417117: Close file in handle load data infile
       - WL#13330: Single C/Python (Win) MSI installer
       - WL#13335: Connectors should handle expired password sandbox without SET
       - WL#13194: Add support for Python 3.8
       - BUG#29909157: Table scans of floats causes memory leak with the C
       - BUG#25349794: Add read_default_file alias for option_files in connect()
       - WL#13155: Support new utf8mb4 bin collation
       - WL#12737: Add overlaps and not_overlaps as operator
       - WL#12735: Add README.rst and CONTRIBUTING.rst files
       - WL#12227: Indexing array fields
       - WL#12085: Support cursor prepared statements with C extension
       - BUG#29855733: Fix error during connection using charset and collation
       - BUG#29833590: Calling execute() should fetch active results
       - BUG#21072758: Support for connection attributes classic
       - WL#12864: Upgrade of Protobuf version to 3.6.1
       - WL#12863: Drop support for Django versions older than 1.11
       - WL#12489: Support new session reset functionality
       - WL#12488: Support for session-connect-attributes
       - WL#12297: Expose metadata about the source and binaries
       - WL#12225: Prepared statement support
       - BUG#29324966: Add missing username connection argument for driver
       - BUG#29278489: Fix wrong user and group for Solaris packages
       - BUG#29001628: Fix access by column label in
       - BUG#28479054: Fix Python interpreter crash due to memory corruption
       - BUG#27897881: Empty LONG BLOB throws an IndexError
       - BUG#29260128: Disable load data local infile by default
       - WL#12607: Handling of Default Schema
       - WL#12493: Standardize count method
       - WL#12492: Be prepared for initial notice on connection
       - BUG#28646344: Remove expression parsing on values
       - BUG#28280321: Fix segmentation fault when using unicode characters in
       - BUG#27794178: Using use_pure=False should raise an error if cext is not
       - BUG#27434751: Add a TLS/SSL option to verify server name
       - WL#12239: Add support for Python 3.7
       - WL#12226: Implement connect timeout
       - WL#11897: Implement connection pooling for xprotocol
       - BUG#28278352: C extension mysqlx Collection.add() leaks memory in
         sequential calls
       - BUG#28037275: Missing bind parameters causes segfault or unclear error
       - BUG#27528819: Support special characters in the user and password using
       - WL#11951: Consolidate discrepancies between pure and c extension
       - WL#11932: Remove Fabric support
       - WL#11898: Core API v1 alignment
       - BUG#28188883: Use utf8mb4 as the default character set
       - BUG#28133321: Fix incorrect columns names representing aggregate
       - BUG#27962293: Fix Django 2.0 and MySQL 8.0 compatibility issues
       - BUG#27567999: Fix wrong docstring in ModifyStatement.patch()
       - BUG#27277937: Fix confusing error message when using an unsupported
       - BUG#26834200: Deprecate Row.get_string() method
       - BUG#26660624: Fix missing install option in documentation
       - WL#11668: Add SHA256_MEMORY authentication mechanism
       - WL#11614: Enable C extension by default
       - WL#11448: New document _id generation support
       - WL#11282: Support new locking modes NOWAIT and SKIP LOCKED
       - BUG#27639119: Use a list of dictionaries to store warnings
       - BUG#27634885: Update error codes for MySQL 8.0.11
       - BUG#27589450: Remove upsert functionality from WriteStatement class
       - BUG#27528842: Fix internal queries open for SQL injection
       - BUG#27364914: Cursor prepared statements do not convert strings
       - BUG#24953913: Fix failing unittests
       - BUG#24948205: Results from JSON_TYPE() are returned as bytearray
       - BUG#24948186: JSON type results are bytearray instead of corresponding
         python type
       - WL#11372: Remove configuration API
       - WL#11303: Remove CreateTable and CreateView
       - WL#11281: Transaction savepoints
       - WL#11278: Collection.create_index
       - WL#11149: Create Pylint test for mysqlx
       - WL#11142: Modify/MergePatch
       - WL#11079: Add support for Python 3.6
       - WL#11073: Add caching_sha2_password authentication plugin
       - WL#10975: Add Single document operations
       - WL#10974: Add Row locking methods to find and select operations
       - WL#10973: Allow JSON types as operands for IN operator
       - WL#10899: Add support for pure Python implementation of Protobuf
       - WL#10771: Add SHA256 authentication
       - WL#10053: Configuration handling interface
       - WL#10772: Cleanup Drop APIs
       - WL#10770: Ensure all Session connections are secure by default
       - WL#10754: Forbid modify() and remove() with no condition
       - WL#10659: Support utf8mb4 as default charset
       - WL#10658: Remove concept of NodeSession
       - WL#10657: Move version number to 8.0
       - WL#10198: Add Protobuf C++ extension implementation
       - WL#10004: Document UUID generation
       - BUG#26175003: Fix Session.sql() when using unicode SQL statements with
         Python 2.7
       - BUG#26161838: Dropping an non-existing index should succeed silently
       - BUG#26160876: Fix issue when using empty condition in
         Collection.remove() and Table.delete()
       - BUG#26029811: Improve error thrown when using an invalid parameter in
       - BUG#25991574: Fix Collection.remove() and Table.delete() missing filters
       - WL#10452: Add Protobuf C++ extension for Linux variants and Mac OSX
       - WL#10081: DevAPI: IPv6 support
       - BUG#25614860: Fix defined_as method in the view creation
       - BUG#25519251: SelectStatement does not implement order_by() method
       - BUG#25436568: Update available operators for XPlugin
       - BUG#24954006: Add missing items in CHANGES.txt
       - BUG#24578507: Fix import error using Python 2.6
       - BUG#23636962: Fix improper error message when creating a Session
       - BUG#23568207: Fix default aliases for projection fields
       - BUG#23567724: Fix operator names
       - DevAPI: Schema.create_table
       - DevAPI: Flexible Parameter Lists
       - DevAPI: New transports: Unix domain socket
       - DevAPI: Core TLS/SSL options for the mysqlx URI scheme
       - DevAPI: View DDL with support for partitioning in a cluster / sharding
       - BUG#24520850: Fix unexpected behavior when using an empty collection name
       - Add support for Protocol Buffers 3
       - Add View support (without DDL)
       - Implement get_default_schema() method in BaseSchema
       - DevAPI: Per ReplicaSet SQL execution
       - DevAPI: XSession accepts a list of routers
       - DevAPI: Define action on adding empty list of documents
       - BUG#23729357: Fix fetching BIT datatype
       - BUG#23583381: Add who_am_i and am_i_real methods to DatabaseObject
       - BUG#23568257: Add fetch_one method to mysqlx.result
       - BUG#23550743: Add close method to XSession and NodeSession
       - BUG#23550057: Add support for URI as connection data
       - Provide initial implementation of new DevAPI
    Patch Instructions:
       To install this openSUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
       like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
       Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:
       - openSUSE Leap 15.1:
          zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2020-409=1
    Package List:
       - openSUSE Leap 15.1 (noarch):

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