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    Dist Slackware
    Slackware: 'suidperl' vulnerability.
    Date03 Sep 2000
    Hits: 5529

    A root exploit was found in the /usr/bin/suidperl5.6.0 program that shipped with the Slackware 7.1 perl.tgz package.

    Dist Slackware
    Slackware: wu-ftpd update
    Date28 Jun 2000
    Hits: 3572

    A remote exploit has been found in the FTP daemon, wu-ftpd. This can allow an attacker full access to your ...

    Dist Slackware
    Slackware: Kernel update
    Date10 Jun 2000
    Hits: 5169

    Capabilities and other security vulnerabilities have been discovered

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