Need an in-depth introduction to a new security topic? Our features articles will bring up up-to-date on everything from buffer overflows to SE Linux policy development.

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    Securing a Linux Web Server
    Date28 Apr 2015
    Hits: 281733

    With the significant prevalence of Linux web servers globally, security is often touted as a strength of the platform for ...

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    Password guessing with Medusa 2.0
    Date09 Jan 2012
    Hits: 327323

    Medusa was created by the fine folks at foofus.net, in fact the much awaited Medusa 2.0 update was released in ...

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    Password guessing as an attack vector
    Date13 Dec 2011
    Hits: 336669

    Using password guessing as an attack vector. Over the years we've been taught a strong password must be long and ...

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    Squid and Digest Authentication
    Date01 Dec 2011
    Hits: 283544

    Digest AuthenticationDigest Authentication hashes the password before transmitting over the wire. Essentially it sends a message digest generated from multiple ...

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