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Strengthen Your Linux Endpoint Security & Zero Trust Strategy with Defense-in-Depth & Endpoint Encryption


With the rise of cloud computing and mobility and the remote work environment brought on by the pandemic, securing Linux endpoint devices has never been more challenging for the organization and its IT department. Endpoint encryption designed to protect data stored on endpoints such as devices, hardware and files has always been an essential component of a strong Linux endpoint security strategy; however, perimeter security is no longer effective in protecting against sophisticated threats in this modern, mobile era.

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Data Encryption on Linux


Data encryption has never been more important. New data protection and privacy regulations, such as GDPR, mean that companies storing unencrypted customer information are vulnerable to paying heavy fines. The public is now more aware of the importance of encryption, with massive data breaches impacting companies like Facebook receiving major media coverage.

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Fileless Malware on Linux: Anatomy of an Attack


Recent years have demonstrated that Windows users are not the only ones who should be concerned about malware. Linux is becoming an increasingly popular target among malware operators due to the growing popularity of the open-source OS and the high-value devices it powers worldwide. Security researchers from AT&T Alien Labs are now warning that “cyber gangs have started infecting Linux machines via a fileless malware installation technique that until recently was more commonly used against Windows-based systems”.

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