How To Harden My Filesystem

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Openwall Project


This patch is a collection of security-related features for the Linux kernel, all configurable via the new 'Security options' configuration section. In addition to the new features, some versions of the patch contain various security fixes. The numbe

IT Consolidation with Linux


Linux, with its flexibility, scalability and cost savings, can help overcome the obstacles and yield lasting infrastructure improvements. In building for the future, Linux is an architect’s dream: It is reliable, adaptable, cost-effective and open.

Enterprise Security & Linux


Information systems security continues to be a primary concern to business managers. Compromised data or business systems, whether from external sources or internal, can introduce enormous costs—competitively, operationally and financially. The mat

Exploiting the Potential of Linux


Linux is ideally suited as an enterprise-class operating system for many reasons. One is its reliability. Linux systems offer mainframe-class stability with reported system uptimes of a year or more. Google, one of the Internet’s foremost search en