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Zabbix: Monitor Your Network


There are so many network monitoring options for the Open Source user, one might get sick of them. But not likely!

Zabbix has the capability to monitor just a about any event on your network from network traffic to how many papers are left in your printer. It produces really cool graphs.

In this HowTo we install software that has an agent and a server side. The goal is to end up with a setup that has a nice web interface that you can show off to your boss. It's a great open source tool that lets you know what's out there.

Improving Snort performance with Barnyard


Do you use Snort? Do you want to get more out of it than you already are? Have no fear, James Turnbull will take you through the process of kicking you Intrusion Detection system up a notch. Check it out:

Barnyard improves Snort's speed and efficiency processing outputted data off-loaded by Snort. Barnyard leaves Snort more capacity to perform its key function: scanning and analyzing traffic for anomalies and attacks. We will set Snort to output its alerts and logs to the unified (binary) format, which isn't as processor-intensive as other kinds of output, and then make use of Barnyard to process the resulting output into our required format(s). This tip presumes you already have Snort installed and configured.

Nagios Host and Service Monitoring in 10 Easy Steps


Ever wanted to set up a robust, manageable and capable network monitoring system? How about one that is free to download? Look no further than Nagios with this HowTo from Rainer Brunold at Novell. With these basic steps you'll be able to pin down movement on your network in no time:

Server Preparation
Software Download and Extraction
Security Preparation
Software Compilation and Installation
Installation of Plugins
Apache Security Preparation
Apache and Nagios Startup
Testing and Next Steps

Take Nagios for a spin and look out for more of the same soon!