Deploy an application with Cerise Web server

    Date16 Feb 2005
    Posted ByBrittany Day
    Use Ruby as your programming language to create a simple application. This article shows you how to create a guestbook Web application with the Cerise Web server and the Ruby programming language. You'll use RSS 1.0 as the file format for the guestbook entries and XSLT for transforming files to HTML.

    With a World Wide Web dominated by Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application servers, choosing another Web framework can seem strange or unprofessional. However, there are many viable alternatives on the market. As with operating systems, you don't have to use a specific application server just because everyone else is using it. You have a choice, and choosing the application server that fits the problem is where you should start. In this article, I present a rather unconventional and little-known application server: Cerise. This operating system-independent server offers a flexible, lightweight, and developer-friendly environment for building both simple and complex Web applications.

    Cerise is written in the Ruby programming language, just like the applications written on top of it. This proves very useful in that Ruby is a powerful object-oriented language with a clean and concise syntax, perfectly suited for rapid application development.

    To show the effectiveness of combining Ruby and Cerise for Web application development, I'll use the example of a guestbook on a Web site. This example represents the basics of most small- and medium-scale Web applications. It shows the processes of form handling, error handling, and reading and writing of XML files.
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