Z4CK - Digital Force, Zaurus Centric hacker novel

    Date25 May 2006
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    In late 2004 Z4CK - meaning Zaurus-ACK, a novel about a hacker who creates the ultimate hacking tool was released in PDF and paperback formats. The novel was well received by the Linux, PDA and Security communities. In Z4CK Duncan Steele creates the ultimate hacking tool, which goverment agencies and criminals alike are desperate to obtain, so much so that the main character finds himself framed by the government for a murder he did not commit. Unlike films such as 'The Net' and 'Swordfish' real world hacking techniques are used.

    In Digital Force.

    Duncan Steele has a simple choice to make. Work as a hacker for the British Governments' elite digital insurgency unit Cyber-Secure, or go to prison for his previous exploits against that very government.

    Digital Force picks up where Z4CK left off. Follow Duncan Steele during his time at Cyber-Secure, from hunting the Fourth Reich hacker group, to meeting his most skilled adversary, to the creation of the Sec-Net network following the destruction of the Internet.

    Like Z4CK before it, Digital Force uses real-life hacker tools and techniques, including Nmap, Nessus, and Hydra to demonstrate port scanning, vulnerability assessment and brute force attacks amongst others, but is written in a way that can be enjoyed by both technical and non-techical alike.

    The book was created using open-source, and much of it again was written on a Zaurus SL-5500 on the train on the way to work over the period of a year. The book is currently also available in paperback from http://www.z4ck.org and Amazon.co.uk

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