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Multilayer firewall strategy


There is a common misconception that you can protect all assets with only a firewall. Find out why every organisation must consider a multilayer approach along with the firewall to protect all its assets While firewalls can secure Internet access, protect . . .

Making the VPN connection


When a VPN does its job correctly, remote users don't notice it's there. Packets move from site to site, user to user. Encryption algorithms scramble the data and then safely unscramble it at the other end. Information flows. Work gets done.. . .

Home User Security: Personal Firewalls


Firewalls play a crucial role in network and computer security. Part I of this series, Home User Security: Your First Defense, examined the typical functions of firewalls and how they can be of use on an individual level. More specifically, the . . .

VPN and Firewall Market Up in Q3


Worldwide VPN and firewall hardware and software revenue grew 9% to $780 million between 2Q03 and 3Q03, and will reach $955 million by 3Q04, according to Infonetics Research's quarterly worldwide market share and forecast service, VPN and Firewall Products. By 2006, . . .

User-Level Firewalling with Nufw


Nufw brings the concept of users into IP packet Filtering. This is a set of daemons that permit to filter packets on a per-user basis. The gateway authorizes a packet depending on which remote user has sent it. On the client . . .