Linux Advisory Watch - January 18th 2002

    Date17 Jan 2002
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    This week, advisories were released for  imp, horde, x-chat, gzip, glibc, cipe, sudo, at, stunnel, NetBSD kernel, slashcode, pine, lids, groff, bugzilla, and uuxqt.  The vendors include Caldera, Conectiva, Debian, EnGarde, Mandrake, NetBSD, Red Hat, Slackware, and SuSE.. . . This week, advisories were released for  imp, horde, x-chat, gzip, glibc, cipe, sudo, at, stunnel, NetBSD kernel, slashcode, pine, lids, groff, bugzilla, and uuxqt.  The vendors include Caldera, Conectiva, Debian, EnGarde, Mandrake, NetBSD, Red Hat, Slackware, and SuSE.

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    sudoMandrake, EnGarde, Debian, NetBSD, Conectiva, SuSE, Red Hat
    atDebian, SuSE
    NetBSD kernelNetBSD
    pineEnGarde, Slackware
    groffRed Hat
    bugzillaRed Hat
    uuxqtRed Hat

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    Linux Advisory Watch is a comprehensive newsletter that outlines the security vulnerabilities that have been announced throughout the week.It includes pointers to updated packages and descriptions of each vulnerability.  


    The webmail frontend IMP has a cross site scripting problem, allowing a remote attacker to send you an E-mail with a malformed URL that when clicked on will open your mail session to the attacker, allowing him to read and delete your E-mails.

    Caldera OpenLinux:


    Caldera Vendor Advisory:



    It is possible to trick XChat IRC clients into sending arbitrary commands to the IRC server they are on, potentially allowing social engineering attacks, channel takeovers, and denial of service.  This problem exists in versions 1.4.2 and 1.4.3.

    Debian Intel ia32 architecture: checksum: 2eb90d6a77af6c2475a976d282d76377 checksum: 9701ca60219d4ac8981293763474f14c checksum: 1a45ebe67bd4b495cbbd9b9e1517239e

    XChat Vendor Advisory:



    GOBBLES found a buffer overflow in gzip that occurs when compressing files with really long filenames.  Even though GOBBLES claims to have developed an exploit to take advantage of this bug, it has been said by others that this problem is not likely to be exploitable as other security incidents.

    Debian Intel ia32 architecture: checksum: b61176ee1953b528e50268995e6c2505

    Debian Vendor Advisory:



    A buffer overflow has been found in the globbing code for glibc. This code which is used to glob patterns for filenames and is commonly used in applications like shells and FTP servers.


    Debian Vendor Advisory:

    Slackware Vendor Advisory:



    Larry McVoy found a bug in the packet handling code for the CIPE VPN package: it did not check if a received packet was too short and could crash.

    Debian Architecture independent archives: checksum: bbfe46765a76bce4f4ce6f9855eee717 checksum: c380864ae382aff742f08869f89848f6

    Debian Vendor Advisory:



    Sebastian Krahmer from SuSE found a vulnerability in sudo which could easily lead into a local root exploit.  This problem has been fixed in upstream version 1.6.4 as well as in version 1.6.2p2-2.1 for the stable release of Debian GNU/Linux.

    Debian Intel ia32 architecture: checksum: 793c815263a64e63108628ed31537dfe

    Debian Vendor Advisory: 

    Mandrake 8.0:


    Mandrake Vendor Advisory: 


    NetBSD Vendor Advisory: 

    EnGarde sudo:i386/sudo-1.6.4-1.0.6.i386.rpmMD5 Sum: 83fceade44a6d263647653351c2acade

    i686/sudo-1.6.4-1.0.6.i686.rpmMD5 Sum: 8b8c9344cbc950cd9fd4f2fc1c3136f8

    EnGarde Vendor Advisory: 


    Conectiva Vendor Advisory: 

    SuSE i386 Intel Platform: SuSE-7.3

    SuSE Vendor Advisory: 

    Red Hat i386:ftp://updates.Red

    Red Hat Vendor Advisory:



    zen-parse found a bug in the current implementation of at which leads into a heap corruption vulnerability which in turn could potentially lead into an exploit of the daemon user.

    Debain Intel ia32 architecture: checksum: 8af8ea462718b6bee748b2a809834d2e

    Debian Vendor Advisory: 

    i386 Intel Platform: SuSE-7.3

    SuSE Vendor Advisory:



    All versions of stunnel from 3.15 to 3.21c are vulnerable to format string bugs in the functions which implement smtp, pop, and nntp client negotiations.  Using stunnel with the "-n service" option and the "-c" client mode option, a malicious server could use the format sting vulnerability to run arbitrary code as the owner of the current stunnel process.  Version 3.22 is not vulnerable to this bug.

    Mandrake Linux 8.1:8.1/RPMS/stunnel-3.22-1.1mdk.i586.rpm08204f11728f2c6b6152de9ebb562ac5


    Mandrake Vendor Advisory:


    netbsd kernel

    A process could exec a setuid binary, while gaining ptrace control over it for a short period before the process was activated. The ptrace controller process could then modify the address space of the controlled process and abuse its elevated privileges.


    NetBSD Vendor Advisory:



    Slash, the code that runs Slashdot and many other web sites, has a vulnerability in recent versions that allows any logged-in user to log in as any other user.  This allows users to take nearly full control of a Slash system (post and delete stories, posting stories, edit users, post as other users, etc., and do anything that a Slash user can do) by logging in to an adminstrator's Slash account.


    Slashcode Vendor Advisory:



    There is a vulnerability in pine which can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on a victims machine by sending them a specially-crafted URL which is then mishandled by pine's URL handling code.

    EnGarde: Sum: 4b1d60e1e7ccb3a8a511db42877f0b15

    i686/pine-4.33-1.0.6.i686.rpmMD5 Sum: 995ed060b84adb05b5b274d353becd91

    EnGarde Vendor Advisory: 

    Slackware Updated pine package for Slackware 8.0:

    Slackware Vendor Advisory:



    Recently there were several local vulnerabilities discovered in the LIDS system used by EnGarde Secure Linux which could allow an attacker to gain root, and even disable LIDS completely.



    EnGarde Vendor Advisory:



    New groff packages have been made available that fix an overflow in groff. If the printing system running this is a security issue, it is recommended to update to the new, fixed packages.

    Red Hat i386:  7.2ftp://updates.Red

    Red Hat Vendor Advisory:



    This new version fixes several security issues discovered since version 2.14 was released, which are too serious to wait for the upcoming 2.16 release.

    Red Hat Powertools 7.1:


    Red Hat Vendor Advisory:



    uuxqt in Taylor UUCP package does not properly remove dangerous long options, which allows local users to gain uid and gid uucp privileges by  calling uux and specifying an alternate configuration file with the --config option.

    Red Hat Linux 7.2: i386:ftp://updates.Red

    Red Hat Vendor Advisory:



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