Symantec CEO hits out at Microsoft... and Linux

    Date04 Jun 2004
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Of course, John Thompson has a certain interest in Linux non-adoption, since NAV is one of the two major AV systems that does not support Linux, and since there have been so few Linux viruses. But if he were to be too positive about Microsoft's security, especially now that they've entered the anti-virus business, this would cut into Symantec's raison d'etre. In this article, besides the usual FUD in the article itself, there are some interesting comments that detail some of Linux's solid security advantages. . . . Symantec CEO John Thompson has hit out at "the myth" that Microsoft's operating system is inherently less secure than the open-source alternatives, which he likened to a "dead-end alley". However, he still had few kind words for the software giant.

    Thompson believes the reason Microsoft is so often seen as culpable for virus outbreaks and security flaws is simply because it is the biggest target - though he admitted that if "things get too homogenised, it is not a good thing" - especially where security is concerned.

    And while some believe Microsoft's move into the antivirus field, through acquisition, means it is best placed to heal its own wounds, Thompson is unconcerned, claiming Microsoft lacks the credentials to be taken seriously in the antivirus sector.

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