Linux Is More Secure Than Windows. It Just Is.

    Date06 Aug 2004
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Windows is a bigger target, it's easier to hit. It has more users which means attackers can do more damage. Also, many hackers just don't like Microsoft, and target the company's products as a means of hurting the company. But, really, who cares why Linux is more secure, so long as it is? Windows will continue to be a more attractive target for attackers for a few years at least, and a few years is about as far ahead as any IT manager can plan a deployment. . . . Evans Data recently provided more proof that Linux is more secure than Windows. The researchers surveyed 500 Linux developers and found that 92 percent had never had a machine affected by malicious code. Fewer than 7 percent said they'd been victims of three or more hacker intrusions.

    Only 22 percent said their systems had ever been hacked.

    By comparison, last spring Evans did a study that found that 60 percent of non-Linux developers had been victimized by security breaches, and 32 percent said they'd been hit three or more times.

    There's a reason that Linux developers get hacked less. It's not entirely, as Windows advocates say, because Windows is a more attractive target for hackers.

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