Confessions of a hacker

    Date22 Aug 2011
    CategoryLatest News
    Posted ByAnthony Pell
    Before there was Anonymous or LulzSec or any number of other contemporary computer hackers, there was Kevin Mitnick. After a prolific criminal career, time in prison, and a transition to a computer security career, Mitnick shares his story. Kevin Mitnick's new book, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker, details a career in hacking that began with fiddling with bus passes as a teenager. That led to a strong interest in what was called "phone phreaking" -- manipulating the switches and settings in the phone system in order to create all kinds of mischief.

    "A friend in high school was a phone phreak," he says. "It's like hacking the phone system. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did it in late '70s before they founded Apple Computer, and this was the predecessor to hacking. This kid in high school showed me cool things he could do with telephone, including social engineering to get information."

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