Google Fixes 15 Bugs in Chrome, Gives Users Ability to Delete Flash Cookies

    Date08 Jun 2011
    CategoryLatest News
    Posted ByDave Wreski
    Google has fixed more than a dozen security bugs in its Chrome browser, including five high-severity vulnerabilities and one that qualified for the company's highest bug bounty, a $3133.7 reward. The new version of Chrome has fixes for 15 separate security vulnerabilities, the most critical of which is a same origin bypass in v8, the JavaScript engine in Chrome. That bug, along with several others fixed in this release, was discovered and reported by researcher Sergey Glazunov. The v8 vulnerability earned him a payout of $3133.7 under Google's reward program, and Glazunov also reported two other bugs, each of which qualified for $1,000 rewards.

    The new version of Chrome also gives users the ability to delete Flash cookies in the same manner in which they are able to delete other Web cookies. It also has new functionality that helps prevent the download of malicious files through the Safe Browsing feature.

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