"HTTPS Now" campaign launched to protect internet security

    Date21 Apr 2011
    CategoryLatest News
    Posted ByDave Wreski
    The San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) citizens' rights organisation and the Access digital freedom organisation have announced the launch of new international campaign. Called "HTTPS Now", the campaign is aimed at rallying consumers from around the globe to take an active role in making web surfing safer and more secure. According to EFF Activist Eva Galperin, the organisations hope that the campaign will spread the word about HTTPS and how to use it correctly, noting that, "HTTPS provides the minimum level of security for websites. Without it, no site can make any meaningful security or privacy guarantees to its users". When connecting via an HTTPS connection, users send their data securely via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This means that even cookies are transmitted in encrypted form and can no longer be read and exploited for fraudulent activities by attackers using such tools as the Firesheep extension for Firefox. Firesheep can be used by attackers on the same network as a victim to view the credentials for their online accounts when the victim is not using HTTPS.
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