The Leading Linux Desktop Platform Issues Of 2018

    Date07 Oct 2018
    CategoryLatest News
    Posted ByBrittany Day
    Linux developer Simon Peter who has spent years working on application standards like AppImage and Klik recently presented on what he believes are the 2018 Desktop Linux Platform Issues and the unfortunate continually moving target of "the year of the Linux desktop" that never materializes. Among the issues highlighted by Simon Peter are: - Hundreds of distributions causing further fragmenting of the already small (compared to macOS and Windows) user-base as well as "tens" of desktops. - Linux distributions focusing more on getting their own packages for everything rather than making a platform where it's easy for third-party binaries to run on. - Linux user-space often breaking and the various library versioning challenges. There's also the different library paths and problems with that across distributions.
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