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Building a new cloud security model


Despite the numerous advantages presented by cloud computing, security is still the biggest factor holding back more widespread adoption by businesses. A recent survey by AlienVault found that an overwhelming 90 percent of organisations are still concerned about cloud security.

How secure is the hybrid cloud?


The term hybrid cloud is used loosely, which is probably why so many companies say they're planning to adopt it. If you’re planning a hybrid cloud strategy, the security questions you need to think about may not be the ones you’d expect. Hybrid cloud is IT’s flavor of the year. The C-level executives in Avanade’s global Hybrid Cloud study are particularly optimistic: 75 percent believe it should be the main area of focus for their company this year; 72 percent expect to adopt hybrid cloud by 2018; and 76 percent expect the majority of their applications and services – including some critical systems like data and analytics, office applications and customer-facing services – will be running in a hybrid cloud environment within three years.

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