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Google just tripled its bounty for Linux kernel bugs. Here's why


Linux is everywhere and it needs extra protection, according to Google. "We are constantly investing in the security of the Linux Kernel because much of the internet, and Google – from the devices in our pockets, to the services running on Kubernetes in the cloud – depend on the security of it," said Eduardo Vela from the Google Bug Hunters Team.

SPDX becomes internationally recognized standard


In use for a decade as the de facto standard for communicating software bills of materials, The Linux Foundation has announced that the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) specification has been published as ISO/IEC 5962:2021 and recognized as the open standard for security, license compliance and other software supply chain artifacts. 

Happy 30th Birthday, Linux!


Marius Nestor celebrates Linux’s 30th birthday with a good champagne, a delicious cake and a brief recount of 30 freaking awesome years of the inherently secure and increasingly popular Linux OS - and many more to come!

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