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OpenVPN vs WireGuard: The Best VPN Protocol


Are you looking for a secure open-source VPN? OpenVPN has almost become synonymous with VPN clients and rightly so. It’s one of the fastest, most secure, and reliable VPN protocols out there. No matter which operating system you are on, most of the VPN clients have OpenVPN as their default tunneling protocol. Having said, there is talk of anOpenVPN alternativethat claims to bring better performance and is much easier to set up.

Best Open Source VPN For 2020 – 5 Choices To Consider


We’re living in times where internet privacy could soon become a myth with companies putting in their best foot to get hold of our data for advertising and other purposes. Thankfully, we still have VPNs to browse the internet anonymously. However, the recent case of one of the most popular VPNs falling prey to hackers further complicates the issue.

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