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India reportedly wants unrestricted access to non-personal data


The Indian government is planning to gain unrestricted access to non-personal data of people in India, according to a report byTech2.Non-personal data is anonymized data which can’t be traced back to identify a person. For example, weather sensors without a specific location or e-Commerce data without personal identification. What are your thoughts on this initiative and its privacy implications? Learn more in a great The Next Web article:

Optus opens privacy can of worms with programmable voice play


Bringing an assistant into the phone calls of customers to help with a restaurant booking is an idea fraught with privacy concerns. Australian telco Optus recently opened a privacy can of worms when the company introduced internally a live-transcription service that captures the phone call interaction between customers and a call centre officer. What is your opinion on this technology and its potential privacy implications? Learn more in an interesting ZDNet article: