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Strengthen California’s Consumer Data Privacy Regulations


EFF and a coalition of privacy advocates have filedcommentswith the California Attorney General seeking strong regulations to protect consumer data privacy. The draft regulations are a good step forward, but the final regulations should go further. What are your thoughts on the draft regulations that were published in October? Learn more:

Chinese companies want to help shape global facial recognition standards


The use of facial recognition technology iscontinuing to expand, despite concerns about itsaccuracy and fairnessand about how it could be used by governments to spy on people. These concerns have been heightened following a report by theFinancial Timeswhich shows that Chinese groups have a significant influence in shaping international standards regarding the technology. Learn more:

Pressure mounts for federal privacy law with second bill


Pressure is gathering for a federal privacy law in the US with the introduction of a second bill that would protect consumer data. The Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act from Washington Senator Maria Cantwell not only outlines strict privacy and security rules, but also establishes a dedicated FTC office to enforce them. Cantwell also pointed out in her Bill announcement that it defines privacy as a right in federal law. How do you feel about this bill? Learn more:

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