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No federal privacy law will make it in the US this year, sources say


You know about that one, much-hemmed-and-hawed-over, GDPR-ish, national, US privacy law? The one we don’t have? The lack of which means the country’s data privacy landscape is made up of a crazy quilt of state laws? Not happening. Not this year. Learn how this impacts your privacy in a great NakedSecurity article:

Privacy advocates worry that consumer license plate readers are creating a nosier neighborhood watch


I have a problem with this. These cameras don't just record license plates, but people, bicycles and animals. It indiscriminately records everything, not just traffic accidents. Cameras should not be a substitute for police doing their job.

This data is being sold to and used by anyone who wants it - ICE, private citizens, and other government agencies.

If you had a detective on the street corner or in front of your house 24/7 recording every vehicle passing by, the time it passed every day in perpetuity and people in the car, people would see that as an invasion of privacy.

"I have nothing to hide" is something said by someone in a position of privilege - our landscapers, housekeepers, and others in our neighborhood in the wrong place at the wrong time are being targeted.

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