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GNU Toolchain Plans Move To The Linux Foundation's Infrastructure


The GCC compiler and related GNU toolchain infrastructure has long been hosted by that has been sponsored by Red Hat the past two decades. But now the GNU Toolchain Infrastructure (GTI) project is being established as it works to leverage the Linux Foundation's IT services to provide more robust and secure infrastructure for these critical open-source projects.

Following Retbleed, The Combined CPU Security Mitigation Impact For AMD Zen 2 / Ryzen 9 3950X


Following the July disclosure of the Retbleed CPU security vulnerability affecting older processors and an AMD change made in August, here is a fresh look at the performance impact of the Retbleed mitigations on Linux, including if opting for the IBPB-based Retbleed mitigation, and the accumulated CPU security mitigation impact for Zen 2 with the flagship Ryzen 9 3950X processor.

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