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Companies send employees to 'hacker' workshops


The best way to keep a hacker from breaking into a computer system from the outside may just be to have a hacker on the inside. That's what John Brozycki and Darien Ford's company figured when it paid $7,000 so they . . .

Developers call for web security standard


A group of security developers has called for an industry standard for internet security testing. The group, called Ideahamster, which includes a mixture of security experts and developers, has suggested that the introduction of such a standard would make it easier . . .

Uncovering the secrets of SE Linux: Part 2


In an uncharacteristic move, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) recently released a security-enhanced version of Linux -- code and all -- to the open source community. Part 2 of this developerWorks exclusive delves deeper into the code, dissecting how the . . .