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Plastic chips, brain machines: What will the future hold?


One significant area in biotechnology, the magazine highlights, is work on brain-machine interfaces that could someday allow people to control artificial devices that replace lost functions. Today, research is more limited, with scientists able to take signals from individual neurons in . . .

Openroot Project


Openroot is a computer on my network where the root password is open to anyone for learning, experimentation, or whatever. This project has been around for atleast four weeks, and has been doing well. Please visit the openroot site. . . .

LIDS 0.9.11 for Kernel 2.2.18 Released


Huagang Xie writes: "The LIDS project has just released LIDS 0.9.11 for kernel version 2.2.18. It contain a bugfix for lidsadm. For more detail, please visit" I use LIDS on a daily basis and love it. Anybody who . . .