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Vulnerability Detection and Patching: A Survey Of The Enterprise Environment


Detecting vulnerabilities and managing the associated patching is challenging even in a small-scale Linux environment. Scale things up and the challenge becomes almost unsurmountable. There are approaches that help, but these approaches are unevenly applied. Learn what a new survey reveals about how enterprises handle the security concerns of vulnerability detection and patch management.

Stale Open Source Code Rampant in Commercial Software: Report


A new report shows that stale open-source code is rampant in commercial software, and organizations in all industries are struggling to manage open source risk. "In 2020 the percentage of codebases containing high-risk vulnerabilities jumped from 49 to 60 percent. What was more disturbing is that several of the top 10 open source vulnerabilities found in 2019 codebases reappeared in the 2020 audits, all with significant percentage increases."