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For the love of open source: Why developers work on Linux and open-source software


A new survey conducted by The Linux Foundation's Open Source Security Foundation (OSSF) and the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) reveals that while open-source jobs are in high demand and the pay is great, it's not money that drives programmers to work on Open Source, but the love of solving problems and creation. The survey also reveals a worrisome trend: security is being neglected in open-source development.

Why You Should Trust Open Source Software Security


Some people still think that open-source software security is inferior. However, security experts feel that it sets the bar for what computing security should be. "Open source is inherently more secure for the reason that patches, fixes and updates come immediately, and sometimes from competing sources."

Why Linux Should Factor Into Your Security Strategy


Linux is a pervasive operating system—and for good reason. It’s lightweight, flexible, multi-architecture supportive and open source, all leading to loads of opportunity. Security is one of the main reasons Linux is chosen. In some ways, it can be a more stable and secure base OS to start from, no matter the use case.

Use Static Analysis to Secure Open Source


Open Source lends itself to a new way of certifying software: Continuous Assurance. In this approach, automated tools and processes ensure that, as code changes, it continually satisfies compliance, quality, and security requirements. "Continuous Assurance integrates directly into development and benefits from the always-up-to-date nature of cloud services, making it a perfect match for Open Source."

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