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Linux x86 32-bit Is Vulnerable To Retbleed But Don't Expect It To Get Fixed


While relevant Intel and AMD processors have been mitigated for the recent Retbleed security vulnerability affecting older generations of processors, those mitigations currently just work for x86_64 kernels and will not work if running an x86 (32-bit) kernel on affected hardware. But it's unlikely to get fixed unless some passionate individual steps up as the upstream developers and vendors have long since moved on to just caring about x86_64.

Pixel 6 and Galaxy S22 Affected by Major New Linux Kernel Vulnerability


A seemingly major vulnerability has been discovered by security researcher and Northwestern PhD student Zhenpeng Lin, affecting the kernel on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and other Android devices running Linux kernel versions based on 5.10 like the Galaxy S22 series. Precise details for how the vulnerability works have not yet been published, but the researcher claims that it can enable arbitrary read and write, privilege escalation, and disable SELinux security protections — in short, this is a biggie.

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