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OMIGOD: Azure users running Linux VMs need to update now


Azure users running Linux VMs may not be aware they have a severely vulnerable piece of management software installed on their machine by Microsoft, which can be remotely exploited in an incredibly surprising and equally stupid way. "This is a textbook RCE vulnerability that you would expect to see in the 90's -- it's highly unusual to have one crop up in 2021 that can expose millions of endpoints," Wiz security researcher Nir Ohfeld wrote.

HAProxy Found Vulnerable to Critical HTTP Request Smuggling Attack


A critical security vulnerability (CVE-2021-40346) has been disclosed in HAProxy, a widely used open-source load balancer and proxy server, that could be abused by an adversary to possibly smuggle HTTP requests, resulting in unauthorized access to sensitive data and execution of arbitrary commands, effectively opening the door to an array of attacks. HAProxy has released an upgrade remediating the weakness by adding size checks for the name and value lengths.

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