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NCSC in DNS Warning as Hijackers Focus on Home Routers


Have you heard that the NCSC has warned about DNS hijacking threats focusing on home routers? These attacks aim to modify the settings on home routers, potentially via cross-site request forgery (CSRF) web-based attacks, so that they use rogue DNS servers. The end goal is to secretly redirect the user to a phishing page or one capable of installing malware on their machine.

Vulnerabilities in Astaro Security Linux


Several serious theoretical and practical security vulnerabilities, alleged GPL license violations, and more were found in Astaro "secure" Linux. Joerg Luebbert writes, "Some of the vulnerabilities might be local and some might argue about that Astaro Security Linux is a Firewall and no server... but as it uses SSHD it could always be that the "loginuser" account might have been compromised and shell access granted.". . .

What is a Linux server and why does your business need one?


IT organizations strive to deliver business value by increasing productivity and delivering services faster while remaining flexible enough to incorporate innovations like cloud, containers, and configuration automation. Modern workloads, whether they run on bare metal, virtual machines, containers, or private or public clouds, are expected to be portable and scalable. Supporting all this requires a modern, secure platform.

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