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BIND Flaws Reignite Security Debate


An apparent delay in the availability of patches for the vulnerabilities in BIND that were disclosed earlier this week is once again highlighting the seemingly endless debate over when and to whom vulnerability data should be. . .

Agere demos 162-Mbit/s wireless LAN


Agere Systems Inc. is demonstrating at Comdex this week a wireless LAN technology capable of transmitting data at 162 Mbits/second in the 5-GHz frequency band, three times the throughput achieved with an 802.11a device. The technology is targeted at home networking and entertainment as well as enterprise desktop PC applications. . .

Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities in BIND4 and BIND8


ISS X-Force has discovered several serious vulnerabilities in the Berkeley Internet Name Domain Server (BIND). BIND is the most common implementation of the DNS (Domain Name Service) protocol, which is used on the vast majority of DNS servers on the Internet. . . .