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Symantec's SecurityFocus buyout met with pessimism


There's been considerable discussion this weekend of the recent sale of SecurityFocus to mega-corporation Symantec for a sweet $75 million. At issue in particular is SF's BugTraq mailing list, which has for years been the most popular full-disclosure vulnerability list going.. . .

Analysis: Symantec rattles security landscape


"[With the acquisitions we are] going to just leapfrog over [security competitors] with a commanding lead in the marketplace," said a confident Hamilton. "Our intent is not to be number two or three. We want to be number one." However, fallout from Symantec's feeding frenzy is drawing criticism that the task of integrating the triage of dissimilar security technology into a cohesive and affordable unit for customers will prove difficult to pull off.. . .

eWeek: Who's Watching Whom?


The long-running dispute over when to release vulnerability information escalated last month into a bitter turf war among several security companies, all of which claimed to have their customers' best interests at heart. And while it might have started by coincidence, . . .