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Halting the Hacker: Second Edition of Computer Security Bestseller Released


Kevin Jurrens writes: Prentice Hall PTR and HP Books today announced the publication of "Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security," Second Edition by Donald L. Pipkin, CISSP, Information Security Architect for the Internet Security Division of the Hewlett-Packard Company. "Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security," Second Edition, combines unique insight into the mind of the hacker with practical, step-by-step countermeasures for protecting any HP-UX, Linux, or UNIX system.. . .

Guardian Digital Launches EnGarde to Provide Enterprises with Linux Security Solutions


Guardian Digital, Inc., the leading open source security company, has today formerly launched the EnGarde Secure Linux server operating system, EnGarde Secure Professional. EnGarde Secure Professional is a comprehensive enterprise software solution that provides all the tools necessary to build a complete, secure online presence. This provides organizations with a cost-effective and proven platform capable of supporting thousands of Web sites and e-mail domains.. . .

How Apache & Plan 9 will defeat Microsoft's Passport


What happens when journalists find themselves reporting the legal and personal risks associated with Microsoft's Passport can be easily avoided by adopting better technology from the open-source world? The normal legal standard for judging the adequacy of professional services -- such . . .

Security Experts Divided on Slapper's Threat


The Apache/MOD_SSL, or "Slapper" worm that is fast infecting Web servers worldwide marks a new milestone in the evolution of computer worms, experts say: the creation of a peer-to-peer network by a worm for the purpose of conducting distributed denial of . . .

Linux Worm Creating P2P Attack Network


A new worm that attacks Linux Web servers has compromised more than 3,500 machines, creating a rogue peer-to-peer network that has been used to attack other computers with a flood of data, security experts said Saturday. The worm seems to . . .

Stunnel 4.00 Builds on Prior Success


The recent release of Stunnel version 4.00 picks up where previous versions left off by improving encryptions capabilities and simplifying installation and configuration. Late last week, the newest version of Stunnel[1], the secure SSL wrapper, was released. Stunnel encapsulates cleartext protocols . . .

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