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Intel Launches 'LaGrande' Security Plan


Launching its own initiative to thwart hackers, Intel Corp. on Monday unveiled a new security initiative, code-named LaGrande Technology, that it will integrate into future processors and chip sets to stymie efforts to steal data. While many computer users rely . . .

Protect Wireless LANs


Securing wireless LANs isn't easy. Just ask any network manager who has the task of adding another way to authenticate users to yet another networked device. Funk Software Inc. this week is expected to reveal enhanced versions of its Odyssey Server and Steel-Belted Radius Enterprise Edition wireless authentication applications.. . .

Password guessing games with Check Point firewall


Security researchers have discovered two potentially serious flaws with Check Point's flagship FireWall-1 firewall which give rise to both username guessing and sniffing issues. First, affected versions permit attackers to determine if a firewall username is valid without having to . . .

Apache Flaw Leaves Server Wide Open


Although this problem doesn't affect UNIX and Linux variants, it does apply to more than just Microsoft Windows platforms. You should check it out even if you are running NetWare or OS/2 (both of which are definitely vulnerable) or any other . . .

Website Security Flaw Costs ZD


"It used to be enough just to patch security problems, apologize and get on with business. But this case shows that (regulators) are now watching, and if you get burned, you may have a lawsuit on your hands," said Greg Shipley, chief technology officer of Neohapsis, a Chicago-based information security company that assisted the New York authorities on the case.. . .

Lobbying for Insecurity


The U.S. National Security Agency's contribution to open-source security, Security-Enhanced Linux, found broad approval and support in geek forums from Wired News to Slashdot that are typically suspicious of the government. . .

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