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IBM tackles drive-by hacking


IBM has developed software which it claims can effectively prevent drive-by hacking. Software developed by IBM Research in the US apparently turns servers into wireless auditing sniffers that alert administrators if a network has misconfigured wireless access points. The . . .

Bending Your Ear on Security


Feeling a bit insecure these days? Boy, do we have a cure for you! Just read this issue cover to cover, and I guarantee a secure feeling will wash over you. Of course, it'll then be your responsibility to use this newfound knowledge to apply security in just the right amounts for your IT infrastructure. If you use wireless technology, run Linux or are considering an MPLS-based VPN service, read on. . . .

IBM Strengthens Linux Security with Tivoli Software


IBM is delivering new capabilities across its Tivoli security management software portfolio, including IBM Tivoli Access Manager, IBM Tivoli Risk Manager and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, that enable organizations to make secure access, threat and identity management more effective in heterogeneous environments.. . .