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HP to sell its own Linux


Hewlett-Packard will sell a secure version of Linux, a product that marks a departure for computer makers that traditionally have favored partnerships with companies such as Red Hat that sell Linux. HP Secure OS Software for Linux, which will be announced Wednesday, will cost about $3,000, said Roberto Medrano, general manager of HP's Internet Security division.. . .

Virus fighters form anti-DDoS alliance By Dennis Fisher


Recent threats such as the code Red and Leave worms are proof that virus writers and hackers are pooling resources to produce hybrid weapons that can cause tremendous damage. Now, a group of security companies is following suit, hoping that by combining their efforts, they'll be better able to combat the new, sophisticated attacks.. . .

GroupWise users fight mystery bug


Just a reminder why we love open source the way we do. "Network managers who administer Novell's newest version of GroupWise are scrambling to fend off a bug that can severely compromise network security and e-mail systems. However, Novell is not telling administrators what the bug is or how to duplicate it, saying that it wants to give customers time to patch their systems before anyone can exploit the vulnerability.. . .