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Tool copies hackers to detect flaws


New online tool uses AI to mimic hackers, but some experts question how effective it can really be. UK firm ProCheckUp has developed an online tool to expose network security flaws by using artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic the actions of a hacker. However, experts question how successful the software will be at detecting security holes.. . .

Security software: blind lead blind


It's incredible that in this day and age some of the most popular security products, products that are marketed as protecting you from the evils of computers, are so badly designed. CheckPoint's FireWall-1, the leading firewall by market share, had . . .

Secure the Wireless Network firmware


Security issues surrounding wireless networking can be addressed without upgrading hardware, Intel said today. The future ubiquity of wireless networking has been a key theme of the IDF this week, with much talk of a mobile computing future where laptop . . .